History of Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group

It all started with a passion for baked pastries and dessert, which led to the opening of Kaffee Alde, a bakeshop offering specialty breads, cakes, and pastries, in March 1991. In 1992, we ventured into the Canteen Concessionaire business which became the take-off point for Creative Cuisine Catering Services. Launched in 1998, it revolutionized catering in Cebu, providing a wide array of international cuisine served in a creative and elegant buffet set-up by well-trained personnel. In 2003, we moved into the restaurant business with Big Mao Chinese Restaurant, which provides casual dining experience with innovative menus, combining traditional Chinese cooking with the influences of modern Asian cuisine, bringing to fore the “New Taste of China”. And as part of our continuing growth strategy, in 2005 we acquired Chika-an sa Cebu Restaurant, which features native Filipino dishes in a no frills kind of atmosphere.. just straightforward dining as one does in the comfort of one’s home.

All these companies are run and managed in the same guiding principles of giving value for money to our customers and continuous innovation to improve their products and services.

Our History - Creative Cuisine Gourmet Group